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Imo Meat & Sausage Company invites you to come and experience our Authentic Italian Foodservice Products 

Welcome to Imo Meat and Sausage company. Located in St. Louis Missouri, in the Historic "Hill" Neighborhood.  We are a wholesale meat processing and distribution company. Independently owned and operated since 1971, USDA inspected, and proudly serving fine Italian restaurants and pizzerias in the Greater Saint Louis Area. The Imo Meat and Sausage line includes; Italian Sausage, Lugoniga, Pizza Toppings, Meatballs, Italian Roast Beef, Ravioli, Lasagna, and array of Pasta noddles. In addition, we have a variety of cheeses and sauces to choose .  Imo Meat continues the tradition of excellence you would expect from a family owned company.  
Our authentic, old world flavor, play's a key role in the distinctive taste of our gourmet Italian Sausage products. We use natural casings, an original blend of the very best spices and the use of high quality, lower fat pork. Our Pork, purchased from quality suppliers who meet strict specifications, are on average 80 percent lean, which exceeds USDA standards for leanness by 35 to 45 percent.             
  Imo Meat Italian breakfast sausage , Lugoniga, makes an ideal menu item that will add zest to any meal. Ready to cook, rope style or bulk.    

Our Italian Pizza Toppings are fresh, natural ingredients that add zest to any traditional or gourmet pizzas. 
Our famous St. Louis style Lasagna  is rich in flavor and loaded with meat and cheese. Will add ease to any menu. Ready to cook and available for private label.

Our Italian style meatballs are delicious with our famous Hoffman cheese. Make a wonderful sandwich or a terrific addition to any Italian Entree.  

 Maria's Meatballs

Hours Monday-Friday  8:00 to 3:30 pm 

Saturday 8:00- 12:00 

Imo Meat and Sausage Company
5040 Daggett Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63110
314.772.9003 vm after hours

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